The Launch, at last!

I learned last week that Knitty has relinquished 2 of my 3 submitted designs (fingers crossed for consideration of the third in the Deep Fall issue!), which has now freed me to post on Patternfish and Ravelry.  So, happily, Martha (shown on Juliet below), May, and Hattie are now launched - hopefully to accolades :), but honestly I find the Ravelry group to be so friendly and supportive.  I'm already pleased with the response.

Recapping then, this first series of designs has been built on a shaped bodice with variations in the neckline.  Next up I'm all about the lace.  Smitten with my Jared Flood stole experience, I'm aiming to incorporate lace textures into a simple bodice.  More on this to come.