Time flies

I didn't plan to let so much time go by between postings, been working on latest 2 sweater pieces - Hattie (as previously mentioned) and Hilda. Hilda's in final stages now, which I'll offer to Quince & Co. by next week.  I don't know if they work with outside designers, but since I used Quince wool (chickadee) I decided to give it a shot.  Their website is an inspiration too. Hattie's already submitted to Knitty along with Martha before that.  The deadline is April 1st for early fall issue so I suppose they'll respond soon.

My first sale, typewritten, was made to my local yarn store back in 1983 – a favorite purple sweater with green hearts for daughter Juliet, then 3. She models for me now too.  You'll see her wearing Martha soon, when I'm free to post it or it gets posted.