I'm hard at work on my latest project, named Hattie. Not quite post-ready yet as there'll be a remake before I do.  There's been too many changes along the way to trust scribbles without a double-check.  Hattie (Harriet) was my grandmother's aunt, the youngest sibling of her mother Martha, born in 1888.  I was a teenager when our paths crossed; she was in her late 70s.  She appreciated my interest so I've got her knitting needles.  Hattie, the sweater, has a shawl collar created as a separate piece that extends around the neckline and down the bodice front as a vertical insert. 


Today I started a blog - and it's taken the better part of it to figure things out.

I became a member of Ravelry a while ago but only recently checked back in.  I posted a few of my sweaters and was shocked when within minutes members were responding.  I've been added to several project queues and have made a few sales from the linked Patternfish site.  The internet is a wonderful thing.