Lace series underway

It's been an active few months of lace knitting for me with lots of knit discovery along the way.  I'm loving the lace despite my earlier doubts.  It does take a bit more attention, but once underway not that much really.  And the stitches are simple.

My favorite part of lace knitting is the final blocking that reveals its fabulous texture. This is Emma - incorporating a chevron eyelet lace. There'll be short sleeves here and a scoop neck. I love the way the color of an undergarment will show through.

Another design, Dorothy, is already finished.  Its lace is a leaf pattern, a little more complex than the chevron so I kept it sleeveless.  The patterns of both Emma and Dorothy are almost done, except for pictures.  Hopefully I'll have these published on Ravelry within the next few weeks.  There'll be a third too - longer sleeves, less of a scoop on the neck, and perhaps a bit longer on the hips.  The lace pattern will be different from these first 2, though has not yet been decided.  I'll commit to 3 in this series, but I'm enjoying the lacework so much there could be more.  We shall see..