I love to see how processes evolve, and mine surely have over these past 5 years of knitwear designing.  Most recently, with the publication of my Linda Scarf by Quince&Co and following their formatting protocols, my pattern writing has undergone transformation too – abbreviations have been tweaked, phrasing made clearer, and given the reach of the internet it's obvious to me now that measurements must include centimeters along with inches.  It's all good.  Except – the revision of all of my 50+ existing patterns is going to take me some time, but so I begin.

Thanks to questions from a knitter in France, I've decided to start with Hilda – that also happens to be my oldest. Although published after Marlene, this piece was derived from a design I had begun a few years before, that I had circled back around to.  Knitters will now find my revised Hilda pattern available for purchase (or in their download libraries if purchased already), complete with aforementioned changes, and since the addition of centimeters has pushed the envelope on page spacing, it also includes a new table format that compliments associated schematics, like this:

64 schematics.jpg

I'll aim to post revised patterns every few weeks or so, fit in between my new designs.  Next in the queue is Marlene.