I'm thrilled to announce the recent publication of Linda, my scarf design included among so many other lovelies, in Scarves, etc 4, a pattern collection by Quince&Co.

I named this piece after a dear cousin, who perhaps sent me luck in my submission to Quince's annual scarf call last fall.  It happened to coincide with some explorations I was doing at the time on knitted trims having just rediscovered Nicky Epstein's book Knitting on the Edge.  Lots of interesting stuff there but it was the fringe that caught my eye.  

I had given Marlene a scarf some years before with horizontal fringe.  I liked the twist on the classic – you didn't need to get to its ends to see it and when she wrapped it twice around her neck the fringe was everywhere – very fun!  So is Linda, I think, and I'm certainly grateful that Quince did too :).