Alice, resurrected

Alice, what a beautiful name.  I was pleased to find her among my ancestors in our family tree – Alice May Welch, sister of my grandfather Harold, and of Marjorie.  I do love to bring my family members, to life again in this way.

I've had this color-block design in the wings for a few months – since it was graciously declined by the publication to which I had submitted.  By that time I had already worked up the prototype to ensure that, if accepted, any related deadlines would be less stressful, and her styling would be just as I imagined.  Recently with autumn in the air (at least in my locale) she came to mind and yesterday I posted the pattern to ravelry.  I'm so happy to see my ravelry friends giving her thumbs up.  Things have a way of working out... as they should?  Yes, I think so. 

In addition to ravelry, you'll find my Alice pattern for sale on craftsy, also linked from my website, here.  Enjoy!