Terasa and the Bernards

Terasa married Bernard Henry. Bernard's father was named Bernard Henry too, and so was his son.  His grandson they named Henry Bernard, probably because his cousin Bernard Henry had already snagged it in its original form. Confused yet? Henry Bernard's grandson – my dad – was a Bernard Henry too, and I'm pretty sure that's the end of the naming line.  I know of no Bernards and Henrys within the family since then.  Probably a good thing.

This sweater is named for great-great-grandmother Terasa, and dedicated to all the Bernard Henrys and at least one of the Henry Bernards I know of.

Terasa is a most delightful, long-sleeved, v-neck cardigan. Worked in 2 colors (a main color and trim), its overall stitch pattern is the seeded rib check, a simple alternating knit/purl sequence, that is dense and springy – and super comfortable. Other features of this elegant cardigan include its 4 button closure and horizontal pockets, positioned at hips and lined with the trim color for some secret fun. Terasa, I feel, is destined to become one of my year-round favorites.

No blocking required as this luxe fabric lies flat and stays true to gauge. Pieces are knit flat, bottom-up, with seaming.

Click here for pattern details.  You'll find this pattern for sale on Ravelry.