2 steps back? or sometimes it just feels that way

Slow and steady wins the race, or at least eventually completes the sweater!  Here's Amelia, underway, with supervision by my pal, Doug. 

Historically the designs that have been my most difficult to develop (not make, none of my designs are difficult to make) have been the most popular, so I'm holding that thought with

Amelia – luckily she has no deadlines (besides those that are self-imposed) as I've knit, assessed, ripped, and knit again.  I've learning quite a lot during these trials, so it's all good.  This is how she stands now.

  • Circular knitting has been replaced with straight since shaping with the seeded rib check stitch pattern appeared awkward rather than decorative.  A purposeful seam will put all that to rest.  
  • And there's been lots of decision-flux with the contrasting waistband during these past few weeks – that I finally settled on keeping. I would have belted it anyway, so why not? Its color will be repeated in the sleeves and collar, creating balance.

So, with these hurdles overcome, I believe we have lift-off! Doug and I are settling in for a day full of knitting – happily.