Taking stock

About a year ago, when I first started designing knits for publication, I thought about what to name my patterns.  Up until this time I had titled them simply as cardigan with three-quarter sleeves..  and I knew this wouldn't do.  Then it came to me and I named the first for my mother, Marlene.  This felt right.  The work is quite personal for me after all, and a family affair with daughter Juliet as top model.  I continued this naming convention with each new design that followed, tapping my maternal family tree – a project researched initially by great aunt Hilda, an MIT librarian in her day. 

Here's my first set of designs, in chronological order by namesake.

  • great great grandmother, Johanna

  • great grandmother, Martha,

  • great great aunt, Louise,

  • great great aunt, Augusta - aka Gussie

  • great great aunt, Florence - aka Flossie

  • great great aunt, Emma

  • great great aunt, Harriet - aka Hattie

  • great great aunt, Dorothy

  • great aunt, Hilda

  • grandmother, Mildred

  • grandmother, May

  • and finally mum, Marlene

Oh how they would have enjoyed this work.

I'm on to dad's family now and when I look at my pattern list on Ravelry I feel surrounded by kindred spirits – like a group hug :).