Done, and next up

Phew. Dorothy and Emma patterns are now completed and posted on Ravelry and Patternfish.  I do always underestimate the time it takes for this work.  I believe it could go on and on for as long as I let it since I obsess and wordsmith endlessly.  But no matter, a little obsessing is probably a good thing when it comes to all this math and writing.

And in between my episodes of obsession I got to work on my next piece – the brainstorming part anyway, and lace research.  Doing so, I quickly got clearer on what I didn't want – not willing to turn my most fun activity into a mind bending count down or rip out session due to a too complex stitch/row repeat.  After my most happy experiences with Dorothy and Emma I now know lace knitting doesn't have to be that.  So after lots of looking and multiple swatches, decision made –

THIS! –  but in a different color, with some delightful garter or seed stitch trimming, more than I've used in my prior two...  And I think I'll work the trim in a second color.  The sleeves will be longer but not too long, so will the hem.  I'll change up the neckline as well.  Intrigued?  Hope so.