HBS Circles – 2008

In 2008, Harvard Business School students spear-headed an exhibition of art made by students, faculty, and administrative staff.  This was especially fun for me, giving me a chance to display at my workplace, something of my photographs, books, and boxes – the interests that kept me fired up during days on the job.  A photo-trek to the campus on Sunday, February 24th at 3:30 pm – a winter afternoon when the light was just right – resulted in 2 circular landscape sets.  I housed these in the fold-out paper box shown below.


2 sets of 9 photos each have been processed in the manner of my Mossman Park project - trimmed to 7" square, translated to black and white, and filtered with Photoshop's crosshatch.  At the time automatic panorama aps weren't available.  These were separate photos that I cropped into position.  Click on the main photo to move through each series below.

Image series no. 1:  Spangler Traffic Circle

Image series no. 2:  Baker Beach