Welcome! My name is Deb Hoss. I design knitwear and write patterns for knitters.

I learned to knit as a child on great, great aunt Hattie's needles, remember my discovery of sparkling white wool in the sale bucket at the local yarn store, and mum guiding my garter stitch. These days my daughter Juliet is my model (and my muse), as I spend my time designing, knitting, and writing – happily. I look for the threads in life that perhaps carry through generations and name my patterns for those who came before me and their stories.

I studied painting in college, and over the years have worked with photography, fabric, and fashion, made art books, raised my daughter, held challenging employment, and throughout, have also knit.  Since 2010 I’ve focused all of my creative attention on knitwear design.  The internet has made this work possible and I’m grateful for that.  I find it exciting to see how my designs and my processes are evolving and I look forward to what comes next.  My sweaters tend to be slim, shaped and minimal, unfussy. 

I enjoy pattern writing as much as my design work and aim to make instructions clear and consistent, with enough information so that the knitter understands my rationale for design decisions to ensure a positive experience and result.  Please feel free to contact me for pattern support via the email link in the footer below.